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Snow White's Crossed Eyes
Scandals > Debunked 8/30/17
Did an animator draw Snow White with crossed eyes in one frame intentionally?
Written by  Cary Nelson
Webmaster, Writer

There's a comment that's been spread around the internet over the years with false information about a scene in Snow White (1937).

MISSING IMAGE (Source: Tumblr)
User Jl7299 said:

"Can we just remember that the animators drew snow white frame by frame.[sic] Someone drew that intentionally."

"Intentionally" you say? Hmm...

Well this is a no-brainer; just look for the frame in the movie!

The scene in question is the one where Snow White finds herself being traumatized by trees in the forest.

Here's the actual frame from the movie:

MISSING IMAGECopyright © Disney
MISSING IMAGE (Source: Imgur)

Snow White clearly doesn't have crossed eyes. So the comment is obviously false.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "This is just a 'Didney Worl' meme, I've seen those for years!"

A textbook example of a "Didney Worl" can now be seen above.

MISSING IMAGE WRONG! (Source: Pinterest)
"Didney Worl" memes typically are paused frames of a "smear"
Smears are a way for an animator to move a character quicker in a situation then they could achieve with individual frames of the character. Like if you waved your hand quickly past your face, all you'd see is a blur. Smearing a character often result in a "ugly" warped version of the character, multiple eyes, or multiple limbs, but they can also just be a smear of color.
, which are completely intentional by an animator. These frames are also the majority of the examples that go with the saying, "never pause a Disney movie." This image has been used with this as well...sigh...actually PAUSE the movie, people!

Jl277, though, seems to be implying that this is a joke an animator made with one drawing. It's obviously not a smear or an inside-joke because the frame isn't the same in the movie.

MISSING IMAGE(Source: Imgur)

The image is a frame from this 4-framed gif. Which is from a series of Disney princesses with googly eyes...that are often used online as "Didney Worl" memes...huh. Well, it still wasn't intentionally put in the movie!

Please, remember to do your own research before you continue sharing false information! It's really simple.

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